Survey – Future for E-Democracy.Org and local Issues Forums – Deadline June 22

Big questions.

  • What matters to you with your local Issues Forums?
  • Do you think Issues Forum members should be charged a subscription fee to participate? What about advertising?
  • How should E-Democracy.Org best fund our efforts and what should communities get in return?
  • What new initiatives do you think we should tackle together? What would inspire you to volunteer?

We want your input! Your sense of priority.

Please take a few minutes today to answer nine survey questions on the strategic direction of E-Democracy.Org and our expanding network of local community e-democracy efforts:

Your answers will feed into the final strategic plan (draft) which will be adopted by the E-Democracy.Org Board.

If you have public comments, feel free to share them here on the blog as well.

Thank you for being a part of E-Democracy.Org.

Steven Clift
E-Democracy.Org Chair

P.S. While I doubt many will support fees for participation, if you don’t take a few minutes to have your say now, who is to say that we won’t make the wrong decisions because too few of you set us straight. 😉

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