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Monthly Archive February, 2009

Online Consultation Comes to Standish Ericsson Neighborhood Forum

What can you do when you have 300+ neighbors gathered everyday via a local Issues Forum? Consult them. Below is letter from Sam Newberg – both a Standish Ericssson Neighbors Forum member and a member of the Minnehaha-Hiawatha Corridor Community Advisory Committee asking participants to provide input into county government led community investment project. I’ve […]

February 2009 E-Democracy News

E-Democracy News February 2009 Volume 1, Issue 2 In This Issue From the Founder ‘Knowledge Raiser’ Underway through March 1 Featured Volunteer Around the Issues Forums Online Civic Engagement 101: What Is a Wiki? What’s Hot Online: EuroPetition and more From the Founder What’s New Is Now With each new post, with each new participant, with […]

Good. Great. Fantastic. – Cass Lake Leech Lake Finds a Voice Online

Local volunteers recently launched the Cass Lake Leech Lake Issues Forum. It is the first of four new local online Issues Forums opening acrorss rural Minnesota communities as part of E-Democracy.Org’s network with the support of the Blandin Foundation. The Cass Lake area has a majority Native American population and is part of the Leech […]

Knowledge Raiser – Watch Citizen Media and Online Engagement Webinar On-Demand


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