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Monthly Archive May, 2009

May 2009 E-Democracy News

E-Democracy News    May 2009  Volume 1, Issue 5    In this Issue From the Executive Director Upcoming Events Volunteer of the Month: Sara Bergen Civic Engagement 101 Around the Forums Hot Topics Editor’s Note This month, we’re introducing a streamlined format for the newsletter. In response to feedback that the newsletter was difficult […]

May 2009 E-Democracy News – Around the Forums

E-Democracy News    May 2009  Volume 1, Issue 5    Around the Forums: New U.S. forums coming soon Several new forums will be starting up in the coming months, including neighborhood forums in the United States and the rebirth of an effort to discuss politics nationwide in the U.S. There were several attempts about […]

May 2009 E-Democracy News – Civic Engagement 101

E-Democracy News May 2009  Volume 1, Issue 5    Civic Engagement 101: Applying online tools for civic engagement         This month, we’re again borrowing some great ideas from another “change agent” working in the field of public engagement. We’ve included some insights posted by Taylor Willingham, who founded Texas Forums, an […]

May 2009 E-Democracy News – Volunteer of the Month

E-Democracy News    May 2009  Volume 1, Issue 5    Volunteer of the Month: Sara Bergen   Local issues forum managers are perhaps the most unsung of the unsung heroes in online civic engagement. The task requires tremendous commitment, time and dedication. And volunteer Sara Bergen recently took the level of commitment to a […]

May 2009 E-Democracy News – Hot Topics

E-Democracy News    May 2009  Volume 1, Issue 5    Hot Topics      Editor’s Choice: Posting video on government committee proceedings Governments around the world are beginning to understand the impact that video has on various proceedings – many legislatures, parliaments, and councils have begun to videotape or stream hearings and proceedings, making […]

May 2009 E-Democracy News – From the Executive Director

E-Democracy News    May 2009  Volume 1, Issue 5    From the Executive Director One Million Page Views, New Leaders and more As new participants and communities have joined us over the last three years – we’ve grown from five issues forums in five communities to 25 forums across 15 communities – so has […]

May 2009 E-Democracy News – Upcoming Events

E-Democracy News    May 2009  Volume 1, Issue 5    Upcoming Events 2009 FOI Summit Protecting the Public’s Right to Oversee its Government June 5-6, 2009 Minneapolis Marriott City Center   Join the National Freedom of Information Coalition and the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information for discussions on government openness, financial transparency and access […]

E-Democracy.Org featured in Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement’s “Funding and Fostering Local Democracy” guide

We are excited to announce that we’ve been featured among a number of great local democracy building models like Everyday Democracy, Conversation Cafes, and America Speaks in the new “Funding and Fostering Local Democracy: What philanthropy should know about the emerging field of deliberation and democratic governance” guide released by PACE in collaboration with the […]


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