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Monthly Archive August, 2009

Participation 3.0 – Big Ideas for the Next Decade

Sep. 5 Update: The draft outline is now version 1.4. DC “national” input meeting is on for Thursday, Sept. 10 – RSVP to: – Future MN gathering planned. Are you ready for what’s next? Help us build it. If you could engage at least 10% of households in your local community/neighborhood on most days […]

August 2009 E-Democracy News — Upcoming Event

E-Democracy News Upcoming Event Future Democracy ’09 Event in November The UK’s leading annual conference on e-democracy is set for Nov. 25 in London. Topics covered include e-campaigning, e-petitions, and e-voting, as well as using the Internet and new technologies in policy development and citizen engagement. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is scheduled to speak, […]

August 2009 E-Democracy News — Civic Engagement 101

E-Democracy News Civic Engagement 101: Issues Forums Part 1 of 5: Starting an Issues Forum Editor’s Note: Over the next several months, we’ll be including a short article highlighting all the different aspects of starting and running local issues forum. Have a question you’d like us to address? Email us at A family moves […]

August 2009 E-Democracy News — Around the Forums

E-Democracy News Around the Forums – August 2009 Around the Forums: New U.S. forums online It’s been a busy summer for new neighborhood forums, particularly in St. Paul, Minnesota. Two new forums – Highland Park neighborhood forum, and the Frogtown neighborhood forum – recently started up. Frogtown began in June and now has 165 members; […]

August 2009 E-Democracy News — Hot Topics

E-Democracy News Hot Topics – June – August 2009 Editor’s Pick: Elections and Activism in Iran It was a busy summer of citizen involvement in public affairs in Iran – from Twitter-based coverage of protests, to rallies organized via social media, to the elections – online tools were a key part of all of it. […]

August 2009 E-Democracy News — From the Executive Director

E-Democracy News From the Executive Director Have you exchanged e-mail addresses with your neighbor? That was my question to attendees at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York and later at the National Civic Summit in Minneapolis. While many in the e-democracy field are legitimately quite excited about the Open Government Dialogue hosted by the […]

Join the Greater Frogtown Neighbors Forum – Spread the Word

As our in-person outreach hums along (our first blog update with videos), now is the time to help spread the word online far and wide as we work toward our big opening in the coming weeks. With two-thirds of members signed up on paper around the community, we will have at least 200 members when […]

Our New Logo

As a scrappy non-profit we tend to miss things like anniversaries. But I did some math and realized we are in our 15th year of online civic goodness. Wow. We tend to celebrate things like opening a new forum (8 in the last year) or increasing the number of participants in our existing forums. It […]


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