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Monthly Archive October, 2009

Northeast Minneapolis Neighbors Get Connected

In conjunction with the Northeast Beat social network on Ning, volunteer Dan Haugen is leading an effort to create our first large multi-neighborhood Issues Forum – NE Minneapolis Neighbors Forum. While our first set of neighborhood forums serve smaller one or two “official” city neighborhood areas, this area covers at least 13 neighborhoods. (Although, the […]

October 2009 E-Democracy News — From the Executive Director

From the Executive Director Participation 3.0 – Big Ideas for Engaging Citizens in Public Participation Last month, I asked if you’ve exchanged e-mail addresses with your neighbors. I fundamentally believe that building democracy online starts locally – that’s why we’ve invested so much time in growing local Issues Forums. In the past year, we have […]

October 2009 E-Democracy News — Upcoming Events

E-Democracy News Upcoming Events Nov. 19-20, 2009 Malmo09 – The first popular European e-government conference Malmo, Sweden Event coincides with EU e-government event in Malmo at the same time.   May 6-7, 2010 eDem10 – 4th International Conference on eDemocracy Danube University in Krems, Austria   July 14, 2010 ICDGS 20110: International Conference […]

Forum Manager Interviews – Audio

Update: We’ve added the Cook County Conversations interview with Jim Boyd below. The other week with our community visits to Bemidji and Cass Lake, I sat down with our volunteer forum managers for one on one interviews.The audio is below. These are part of our final evaluation for our Blandin Foundation Rural Voices initiative to […]

October 2009 E-Democracy News — Civic Engagement 101

E-Democracy News Civic Engagement 101: Issues Forums Part 2 of 5 – Building Participation Editor’s Note: Over the next several months, we’ll be including a short article highlighting all the different aspects of starting and running local issues forum. Have a question you’d like us to address? Email us at It’s an old cliché: […]

October 2009 E-Democracy News — Around the Forums

E-Democracy News Around the Forums – September 2009 Several new forums have started or are getting set to and the forums have been busy the past month. Want to join in the fun? If you are interested in starting a forum in your community, contact us at Click on the links below to read […]

October 2009 E-Democracy News — Volunteer of the Month

E-Democracy News Volunteer of the Month: David Brauer For David Brauer, the Minneapolis Issues Forum promised a less partisan space to discuss local issues. When he founded the forum with E-Democracy.Org Executive Director Steve Clift in 1998, he had been discussing issues on the Minnesota Politics forum for three or four years and had grown […]

October 2009 E-Democracy News — Hot Topics

E-Democracy News Hot Topics: October 2009 Editor’s Choice: 50 most influential Britons in technology The Telegraph recently published a two-part series on the most influential Britons in the technology realm. It’s an eclectic and interesting mix of movers and shakers in large organizations and a handful of innovators in the e-democracy world. Number one is […]


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