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Monthly Archive November, 2009

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Do Some Outreach

Over the last week, we’ve been in the field building socially inclusive online neighborhood networks AKA “Issues Forums.” Frogtown, St. Paul, Minnesota Last Wednesday, the volunteers of start-up team and local district council staff met at theĀ  Hmongtown Marketplace over lunch to discuss the next phase of bringing the Greater Frogtown Neighbors Forum to life. […]

Your Passion Matched with Donations to on Nov. 17

Update: The donation day was a huge success with over 85 donors contributing just over $3,000 US toward our local e-democracy efforts including participant and volunteers support for our Issues Forum programming. Thank you. The actual match will be determined based on GiveMN and how they split up the $500,000 match they made available for […]

Are you a geek in Minnesota? Join our Great American Civic Hackathon – Minnesota on December 12 is proposing a Minnesota version of the Sunlight Foundation’s Great American Hackathon on December 12th. No matter the civic-spirited code you write or open source projects you contribute to, this will be a chance to meet other programmers in Minnesota interested in online government transparency, the reuse of government data, online civic engagement etc. […]


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