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As our in-person outreach hums along (our first blog update with videos), now is the time to help spread the word online far and wide as we work toward our big opening in the coming weeks. With two-thirds of members signed up on paper around the community, we will have at least 200 members when we open for neighborly introductions. Frogtown efforts have inspired volunteer interest in St. Paul’s East Side and Summit-U areas for Issues Forums of their own.

Led by Marny Xiong, our Outreach Coordinator, we’ve tabled at the Rondo Outreach Library and most recently the Hmong Arts and Music Festival. Here is Marny inviting the thousands of Hmong-speaking residents and business owners in the greater Frogtown area to participate in the forum. You too can help invite people by inviting people to simply visit:

Please copy and e-mail the text below the picture of the “door prize” and e-mail/blog/tweet it to others.

Dear Greater Frogtown Neighbors,

We want you to join us* today and to help spread the word.

The new online Greater Frogtown Neighbors Forum is our place to connect locally everyday:

All are welcome. The forum is easy to use and a convenient way to discover what is happening across our diverse communities. This is an independent forum where we can have a voice by simply listening to each other and sharing neighborhood news and information. This will be a dynamic place for civil exchange reflective our great diversity.

Why join us? Besides the door prizes …

1. Share announcements and news such as:
– Cultural and community events
– Upcoming public meetings
– Community news stories, video, or photos produced by you
– Give away stuff to those who live close to you

2. Discuss local issues that matter to you such as:
– Opportunities for youth and local schools
– University Avenue, light rail and major local issues before government
– Fighting crime and sharing its impact
– Sharing neighborly advice and tips (like finding a good plumber)
– Economic development , new businesses and restaurants, the local environment and other issues
– Shared neighborhood life experiences that tell the story of greater Frogtown

3. Forum is facilitated and agenda-setting
– Our local volunteer forum manager, Atom Robinson, will guide the forum
– As part of the well established non-profit E-Democracy.Org network, we will use real names and ban the name-calling you often see on other Internet forums
– Elected officials, community leaders, journalists and public institutions that serve us are being recruited to participate which gives our conversations influence in the real world

4. The door prizes
– We are drawing for Frogtown sweatshirts ($50 value) and baseball caps at 100, 200, and 300 members.

Join us by registering for free on the E-Democracy.Org site at:

You may participate via e-mail or the web, your choice.

This forum is being led independently by local volunteers with the non-profit E-Democracy.Org in consultation with District Council 7 staff. The forum is open to everyone – those who live, grew up in, work, play, own property in, or simply care about building a bright future for the greater Frogtown area. (For the purpose of this forum, greater Frogtown inclusively covers all of District 7 or Lexington Ave. to 35E and the railroad tracks down to University and in addition, down to I-94.) If you need help registering or want to help promote the forum, contact Outreach Coordinator Marny Xiong and the E-Democracy.Org team at: or

We look forward to “meeting” you online.

*Signed Your Neighbors,

Atom Robinson, Volunteer Forum Manager, District 7 Board Member**
Joe Joa
Marny Xiong, Outreach Coordinator, E-Democracy.Org**
Linda Littrell
Nancy McDonald
Genevieve Marault
Tait Danielson, District 7 Planning Council**
Paul Nelson
Joesf Murphy
Amee Xiong, Hmong Organizing Project, TakeAction MN**
Susan Day
Steven Pease
Sarah Montgomery
Anthony Schmitz
Chris Zerendow
Kate Kelsch, Amherst H. Wilder Foundation**
Ashanti Austin, Sibley Bike Depot**
Add YOUR name to version 2:

And the over 170 other members signed up so far:

**Affiliations for informational purposes only.

6 thoughts on “Join the Greater Frogtown Neighbors Forum – Spread the Word”

  1. Hi,
    Nice blog, nice link and video.
    All of the article untitled “Join the Greater Frogtown Neighbors Forum – Spread the Word” is good.
    Thank you for these information.

  2. What a refreshing organization.
    It’s time we stopped being selfish and helped one another.
    The community spirit is the only way forward for the sake of all.
    If all communities did this, it would be a better, happier world.

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