Stand Up for Your Neighborhood – Request a New Neighbors Forum Today

Now is the time gather thousands more across St. Paul and Minneapolis (and beyond) like you who want to connect two-way with their neighbors and build strong vibrant communities.

From schools and crime to parks and “free stuff,” it is time to unleash the power of neighbor to neighbor communication online.

Today hosts over 20 Neighbors Forums across the Twin Cities with thousands of members. Some have over 600 members and others are in “start-up” mode. See for a full list of existing forums as well as independent forum not part of our official shared public network.

With your interest, we can open non-profit, volunteer-run forums across Minneapolis and St. Paul that could someday connect 30,000 households daily simply based on our 15% of households participation rate in our existing largest forums.

To get there, we first need only five “charter” members in the same neighborhood who say “Yes!”, we will set-up a new start-up forum immediately so outreach can begin.

Forums then open with at least 50 members and a volunteer Forum Manager in place.

REQUEST NEW FORUM – So, fill out the 30 second survey here today!

If you are already a member of an existing forum or have filled out the survey, invite others to fill it out from here:

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