Meet Your Neighbors Online in San Francisco – Bay Area Workshop – Wed. Jan. 16 @ The Hub

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Neighbors Online: Connecting Communities for All Workshop

San Francisco, Wed. Jan 16

Golden Gate Bridge us for a dynamic two part conversation on building inclusive online community engagement in neighborhoods.

  • 1. Neighbors Online NetworkingBay Area and Beyond – Who is doing what locally? Multiple tools and models from around the world.
  • 2. Inclusive Community Engagement Online – Stories and lessons you can adapt and use in your own community are emerging from the world’s largest effort to inclusively connect 10,000+ diverse neighbors online in St. Paul, Minnesota by 2014.
A key focus of this gathering will be how to reach and engage ALL neighbors including lower income, immigrant, diverse, etc. neighbors.
When and Where

The gathering will be facilitated by Steven Clift, with Minnesota-based Steven, as Ashoka Fellow, has spoken about online civic engagement across 30 countries since 1993.

Virtual Introductions: After you register, please join the Locals Online and/or Digital Inclusion online communities of practice to introduce yourself.



 A similar workshop was held in Seattle recently. These slides will be updated for our gathering in San Francisco. They we also include a new short post-Sandy section on using online neighbor connecting for disaster response and community recovery.


1. Bay Area Neighbors Online Networking – Who is doing what?

Part one will start with a friendly networking roundtable where you are invited to share a few minutes about your online neighbor connecting efforts or put your “I am just getting started” questions on the table. Let’s highlight great online neighbor connecting efforts already happening in the region (here is what we found in Seattle for example).
Together, we will briefly introduce conversation-based neighbor connecting “tools” many of us use like simple e-mail lists, forums, Facebook Groups, NextDoor, etc. and dig into why, when, where, how (public v. private) as well as introduce inclusive outreach and engagement that matters to diverse local communities.


2. Inclusive Community Engagement Online – Lessons to adapt and deploy locally 

Part two will provide an in-depth presentation with extended discussion on E-Democracy’s outreach effort to build inclusive and integrated online community engagement in lower income, highly diverse, high immigrant neighborhoods in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Why inclusion? Online neighbor connecting is useful and powerful for those who discover it, yet among the divides, the Neighbors Online study of the Pew Internet and American Life project found that households making 75K a year are 5 times more likely than those making 50K or less to be a member of a neighborhood e-mail list or forum.

With 2 years of pilot funding from the Ford Foundation and now extended St. Paul funding from the Knight Foundation through 2014, the effort hopes to exchange lessons with projects around San Fransciso and beyond. By openly sharing our challenges and insights, we hope to learn from the work of other great projects.


This is event is being organized by the non-profit outreach initiative of Co-Sponsors include:

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A huge thanks goes out to Molly Hankwitz, a researcher on place-based digital communications, for making the introductions that made this event possible.


If you have questions about this event, please contact at or 612-234-7072.



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