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Hmong American Day…And let us know about your upcoming Twin Cities events!

Written by Cirien Saadeh

photo (4)


This past Sunday members of the E-Democracy Team spent the day tabling and doing outreach at the Hmong American Day event at the Lao Family Community Center in St. Paul. The first part of the day was a memorial service and program dedicated to the Hmong cultural history and the secret war in Laos. The second part of the day was an Open Mic Night with performances from mostly-Hmong youth (and even some members of the E-Democracy team).

There are dozens of upcoming events coming up this summer: fairs, fests, and farmer’s markets. E-Democracy team members are going to be at as many of them as we can, so look out for us! But, as we begin the organizing for our summer outreach plan, there’s a few things you can do to help! Check it out:

1) If you’ve got a neighborhood event coming up, post it on the forums and let people know!
2) If you’ve got an event coming up and you want E-Democracy there to talk how how great a resource and meeting space the forums are and how we can work with you, let your neighborhood forum volunteer, forum engagement leader, or me (Cirien Saadeh) (at know! Make sure to include the whens, wheres, whats, and contact information.

Also, please check out some of the photos and video from the Hmong American Day Open Mic Night below!

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