Are you a geek in Minnesota? Join our Great American Civic Hackathon – Minnesota on December 12 is proposing a Minnesota version of the Sunlight Foundation’s Great American Hackathon on December 12th.

No matter the civic-spirited code you write or open source projects you contribute to, this will be a chance to meet other programmers in Minnesota interested in online government transparency, the reuse of government data, online civic engagement etc.

Add your name and links to any affiliations, code you contribute toward, etc. via the Sunlight Labs listing for this event.

Then send your e-mail address with “MN Hackathon” in the subject to:

We will also use the Minnesota Voices e-mail list to share updates about, so join that e-list if you are interested receiving announcements on this event’s exact times and location as they are determined but not ready to RSVP.


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