Forum Manager Interviews – Audio

Update: We’ve added the Cook County Conversations interview with Jim Boyd below.

The other week with our community visits to Bemidji and Cass Lake, I sat down with our volunteer forum managers for one on one interviews.The audio is below.

These are part of our final evaluation for our Blandin Foundation Rural Voices initiative to help interested greater Minnesota communities start Issues Forums. We led off efforts with a citizen media online outreach tour (webinar version) which also connects to the Minnesota Voices online community and April’s Unconference.


I first sat down with Jeff Ueland in Bemidji and then Dan LeClaire (pictured above on right) with our Cass Lake Leech Lake forum. I discovered how difficult it is to edit a MP4 HD video over 1GB in size on the web, so for now here are the audio files in easy to use MP3 audio. This is the list of questions I used in my interview (thanks for the feedback).

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