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Steven Clift inducted as Ashoka Fellow

Written by Tim Erickson

Its a big day for E-Democracy.Org. After years of volunteering for E-Democracy.Org as a sideline to his professional consulting with governments on e-democracy and e-government issues, Steve Clift has now gotten a three year Ashoka fellowship to support his work directly for E-Democracy.Org.

Coming on the heels of our involvement in the UK Local E-Democracy National Project, this signals a potentially transformational moment in the history of our organization – in terms of increasing our capacity to promote and support the development of grassroots, community based, online Issues Forums as powerful tools for connecting communities.

    “The Ashoka fellowship will allow me to dedicate myself full-time to E-Democracy.Org for at least the next three years – no more subsidizing my passion with my often exhausting consulting work while trying to juggle the wonderful obligations of a new father and husband.”

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