Minnesota Idea Open, Learn about Digital Engagement

E-Democracy.org, with a large base in Minnesota, is helping with the Minnesota Idea Open’s first idea challenge on solutions to obesity. Those outside Minnesota should check it out as a new model for how to get people in your involved in addressing a major public challenge in a unique way. The prizes help too.

In addition to the idea challenge, join the online groups for discussions about solutions on the theme and a special online group led by Steven Clift, E-Democracy.org’s Executive Director, on “digital engagement.”

Town Hall: Can anyone be an influencer in the digital age?
(Click “Join this Group” – the two orange/red guys to register)

Is the world of digital problem solving new to you? Exchange ideas, ask questions, and connect with experienced influencers and learn about an exciting new frontier in community problem solving that uses digital technology to bring people together.

Join now and we will start with the round of Introductions on Friday and then roll into great examples of digital engagement in Minnesota, exchange some lessons with a Q and A period and close with your big ideas for what’s next for Minnesota with digital engagement.

Tune in here.

For the full details on the initiative see the home page or watch these very very serious videos. 😉

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