Welcome Alan Rosenblatt to the E-Democracy.Org Board, Thank you Anne Carroll, Dan Jellinek

In the last year, we’ve added three new crucial Board members.

Anne Carroll, a public involvement and strategic planning consultant and elected school board member in St. Paul joined us about a year ago. Anne is leading us through the final stages of some important strategic planning and keeps us on task to say it lightly. 🙂 You met Dan Jellinek on the blog when he came over from the UK for our Board retreat in January. Dan is our “go to” guy in the UK and runs HeadStar which produces the E-Government Bulletin and a companion blog among many other things.

And as of this month, we’d like to welcome Alan Rosenblatt with the Internet Advocacy Center and Turner Strategies in Washington, DC. Alan brings us a solid connection into the world of e-advocacy, but is a strong small “d” democrat central to our non-partisan mission. He also has a serious leg in the Internet and politics research world with his political science PHD. Alan is keen to point out he taught the first course on e-politics starting back in 1995 at George Mason University (and since we launched with the world’s first election website in 1994 we were part of it). Be sure to check out Alan’s Dr. DigiPol blog, the amazing collection of podcasts from his Internet Advocacy roundtables, and his full bio. If you plan to be at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York this week, say hello to Alan. He will be our eyes and ears at the conference.

We are continuing a deliberate process to expand and diversify our Board. Our current Articles of Incorporation established a self-appointing Board. While not procedurally “democratic” in terms of selection, I am definitely interested in your ideas for how parts of or all of the international Board and other national/regional associations of local efforts should be selected/elected/appointed as we spread to communities around the world. In the coming years (change will be slow) I’ll feed that into the Board when we review our articles.

A big thanks goes out to all of our current and former Board members.

Steven Clift
Board Chair

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