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Voting Information for Ramsey County and St. Paul, Minnesota

For our participants in Ramsey County, E-Democracy Board Member Anne Carroll has compiled a special collection of voter resources from official sources. As Anne says, “Go Vote!” This year Election Day is Tuesday, November 6.¬†Below is information on a variety of topics to help you, family members, friends, and neighbors have all the information needed […]

E-Democracy says share your video Minnesota Minute on the state’s nature and environment

NOTE: Video contest deadline extended to September 1, 2008 E-Democracy.Org is leading the online outreach for the Minnesota Minute effort of the Bell Museum. As a complement to public service ads that will run on television, the Bell Museum invites you to submit your own Minnesota Minute (and become eligible for a prize). Visit […]

A Comparison of Issues Forums

I am currently the Forum Manager for the E-Democracy.Org project in Roseville, Minnesota (The Roseville Issues Forum). Recently, someone posted a short announcement about another forum that opened in a neighboring community. I took a look and decided to write a short comparison of the projects, which I posted to the Roseville Issues Forum. I […]

Who is reading this blog?

The E-Democracy.Org project blog has been fairly active for about 6 weeks now. When Steve Clift set it up, I was a little bit skeptical about how useful it would be and whether or not it would be worth the time. It took me several weeks to post my first entry, but was hooked almost […]

When the Issues Forum Becomes the Issue

I had very interesting experience this morning as I was browsing through the Roseville Issues Forum and ran accross the following message, Tax payer cost of this forum. Is it worth it? “this coming monday night the roseville city council will be taking a vote to spend $6000 of our taxpayer dollars to continue this […]

Building a new project blog

As E-Democracy.Org grows we are exploring the launch of a new project blog. It will go live in the coming weeks as we tweak its settings and theme. Each local Issues Forum team as well as leaders of various projects will have the opportunity to share details on their efforts via this multi-editor blog. Welcome. […]


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