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Monthly Archive March, 2010

Transparency Camp in DC, Participation 3.0 Gathering in NYC is heading to Transparency Camp in DC this weekend. Join us on Friday at the pre-conference “Local Caucus” we organized at James Hobans at 1 Dupont Circle fro 7:30 p.m.. Follow #TCamp2010 for real-time highlights via Twitter. Stay tuned for a blog post on the exciting DemocracyMap idea we will be working on here […]

Minnesota Idea Open, Learn about Digital Engagement, with a large base in Minnesota, is helping with the Minnesota Idea Open’s first idea challenge on solutions to obesity. Those outside Minnesota should check it out as a new model for how to get people in your involved in addressing a major public challenge in a unique way. The prizes help too. In […]

Neighbor Forums in the News, 9 New Forums, Reaching Millions?

Our Neighbors Forum adaptation of our Issues Forums model is taking off. Neighborhoods next to our established forums are asking, “Hey, what about us!” New volunteers are stepping forward. The full story, especially our special Inclusive Social Media efforts in lower income, highly diverse/immigrant neighborhoods, is covered by a recent Twin Cities Daily Planet article. […]


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