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Monthly Archive August, 2010

Inclusion Update – Cedar Riverside – Dealing with Distrust Generated from Online Attacks Elsewhere on the Internet – By Julia Opoti

Editor’s Note: This Inclusive Social Media update is from Julia Opoti (pictured on right), our Community Outreach and Information Leader focused on Cedar Riverside. In related news, we’ve been experimenting with Facebook advertising and now in addition to the 275 full forum members we now have close to 750 followers on Facebook (many younger residents). […]

Print Outreach Resources for Inclusion Online – Kill Some Trees

We’ve created a new section on our site with links to all of the print materials we are generating in our Inclusive Social Media effort promoting neighbor Issues Forum for all. Here is the text of that page as of today. 1. General Brochure – Meet Your Neighbors Online! Adapt this two-page trifold brochure to […]


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