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E-Democracy News – November 2010 – Vol 2, Issue 2

E-Democracy News – November 2010 – Vol 2, Issue 2 In this Issue From the Executive Director Give to the Max Day Participation 3.0 Progress Report Forums Focus Let us know if you have any suggestions, Editor’s Note Greetings, supporters! While it’s been several months since we last sent you a newsletter, we’ve […]

November 2010 E-Democracy News – Participation 3.0 Progress Report

Participation 3.0 2010 Progress Report At the beginning of 2010, we announced our new Participation 3.0 initiative, funded by the Ford Foundation, that has opened the third phase of’s activity since its founding in 1994. Participation 3.0 initiatives focus on connecting local people everywhere with the best ideas and opportunities for includes local online […]

November 2010 E-Democracy News – Forum Focus

E-Democracy Issues Forums Connecting neighbors and communities with new hyper-local spaces Since 1994, E-Democracy.Org has worked to build democracy and community online, from the local level up. Our model is unique – we create spaces governed by universal rules that promote civility and individual responsibility, facilitated by local volunteers, with participants who use their real […]

November 2010 E-Democracy News – Give to the Max Day

Give to the Max Day is Nov. 16 We only have a few short days until Give to the Max Day 2010, your opportunity to join 40,000 other donors to support your favorite Minnesota-based charities in one day. From midnight Nov. 16 to midnight Nov. 17, donors can use the online donation feature to give […]

November 2010 E-Democracy News – From the Executive Director

From the Executive Director By Steven Clift In the United States, we’ve just finished a historical election, where a significant percentage of the incumbent officials elected to Congress were defeated. In Minnesota, where I live, we also experienced significant turnover in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, which resulted in the minority parties […]

Video – Social Media and Public Engagement Panel at Humphrey Institute

Students at the Humphrey Institute invited to participate in a panel on Social Media and Public Engagement. They took some video. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Executive Director, Steven Clift’s initial comments start at 6:40 in part 2 below: And they continue in Part 3.

Webinar Monday – Nov. 1 Webinar – Social media use by local government in the US: What are the hurdles to doing it well?

Watch the webinar or listen to the full event in MP3 format. See the source blog post from the webinar host Griff Wigley for additional details. Slides used by Steven Clift,, Executive Director: Social Media: Local Government Use View more presentations from Steven Clift. CROSS-POSTED: By Griff Wigley Nov. 1 Webinar – Social media […]


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