November 2010 E-Democracy News – Give to the Max Day

Give to the Max Day is Nov. 16

We only have a few short days until Give to the Max Day 2010, your opportunity to join 40,000 other donors to support your favorite Minnesota-based charities in one day.

From midnight Nov. 16 to midnight Nov. 17, donors can use the online donation feature to give to charities and leverage matching grants. Last year, donors gave more than $14 million to more than 3,000 Minnesota organizations. We raised more than $3,000, the most we have ever raised in from individual supporters. Thank you. is among the organizations participating in the event, and we hope you’ll take a few minutes to give.

We’ve made tremendous progress in the past year toward our Participation 3.0 goals (see story), but we’ve only just begun to support communities that are interested in encouraging greater civic engagement online. Here’s how we plan to dedicate our resources in the next 12 months:

Goal 1: Engagement

  • Expand number of local issues forums
  • Improve online tools available for civic activities
  • Expand online spaces for local engagement and problem-solving
  • Use UK and New Zealand donations to support efforts specific to those countries (our grant funds have been restricted to the U.S.)

Goal 2: Active Citizenship

  • Work to make local public meeting agendas and documents more accessible and interactive across the Internet
  • Work with public agencies to use the Internet more to interact with the public

Goal 3: Effective Practices and Tools

  • Encouraging government agencies to make public data available
  • Using publicly available data as a tool to encourage civic engagement
  • Neighborly, an open source coding project to help people connect with their nearest neighbors online, for various purposes
  • DemocracyMap, a concept that involves creating a tool to look up information about who represents you and other relevant information for a jurisdiction by location or on a map

To donate on Give to the Max Day, visit the page.

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