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Monthly Archive December, 2010

Reflections on 2010 Community Matters Conference and Answers to Questions

Editors Note: The other month we received an invitation to have a booth in the “sandlot” at the Community Matters conference. Because I’ve been in occasional contact with the head of the Orton Family Foundation, I suggested that we could step that up and also host a virtual round of introductions. The exchange, using our […]

Meet Your Neighbors Online Week, UK Neighbourhoods Online Study, Neighborly

A three-in-one post with neighborly goodness … Week Did you you know 7% of American adult Internet users are members of neighborhood e-mail lists or forums? That is over 10 million people. That’s great, but why not 20 million? The Locals Online community practice we host is exploring a “Meet Your Neighbors Online Week.”  […]

Dramatic Response to Dramatic Crime in the Neighborhood – Lessons from Powderhorn

Editor’s Note: Below is a post by our awesome volunteer Sara Bergen. Powderhorn Park is demonstrating how important it is for every community to start a neighbors forum now before you really need it. They really need it right now. It was humbling when the organizers of the vigil mentioned below thanked the forum we […]


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