Knowledge Raiser – Watch Citizen Media and Online Engagement Webinar On-Demand

New – See our May 2010 webinar on Using Technology for Community Building – Webinar Hosted by Grassroots Grantmakers.

Update:  The webinar recordings are now available for free:

Each slightly less than an hour section stands on its own.

We just pulled off a two-part webinar on Citizen Media and Online Engagment.

Part one highlighted dozens of interesting often local citizen media and online engagement projects.

Part two focused intensively on the secrets of starting an Issues Forum (or learning from what we do to help your own project). Each section is roughly 50 minutes.

As part of a “Knowledge Raiser” mini-fundraiser, we are providing on-demand access to the webinar screencast with audio. We put dozens of hours into these presentations and would like to share them with you and encourage you help us build our future with a donation. 🙂

Donate any amount to E-Democracy.Org between now and March 1, 2009 we will send you a special link so you can tune-in right away on-demand.

Whatever amount you donate, think of it as a heck of a lot cheaper than flying across the world to get special training at a conference. Everyone who donates over the next month will get the special on-demand link, so don’t worry we will contact you as long as you leave your e-mail address.

We will use the comments section of this blog post for questions and answers. After you watch/listen, feel free to post questions below.

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