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Join Tim Erickson near Detroit – Tue Jan 15, 2008

Written by Steven Clift

Tim is meeting up with E-Democracy.Org co-founder Scott Aikens to present in Birmingham, Michigan on “Local E-Democracy: Online Issues Forums.” if you are in the Detroit area, come on along:

“Local E-Democracy: Online Issues Forums,” featuring Tim Erickson of 9 a.m., Birmingham Community House, 380 S. Bates, Birmingham. For more information, visit or call 248-644-5832.

Local E-Democracy: Online Issues Forums

While the internet has clearly revolutionized the way that people communicate across distances, it is also having a fairly dramatic effect on how people communicate and organize within their own community. E-Democracy.Org works with local community groups to set-up e-democracy projects at the city or neighborhood level. Tim Erickson, of E-Democracy.Org, will discuss how communities can use online tools and facilitation techniques to create a virtual town hall meeting, where members of the community and can connect, anytime and from anywhere, with each other and local decision makers to discuss important issues facing the community.

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