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My first encounter with TwitterMania, was at eDemocracy Camp, back in March. Since them, I’ve been slowly testing the waters and trying to figure out what this goofy tool is all about and whether or not its of any use to me – or to E-Democracy.Org.

It wasn’t until I attended a Twitter Workshop at Minnebar that I really began to appreciate the value of Twitter and to make local Twitter friends. I’m still not convinced that Twitter is here to last. But, at the same time, I’m blown away at the number of really cool people who are using Twitter. I’m finding myself, suddenly much closer connected to the entire social media scene in the Twin Cities than I was before Twitter (which is, I think, a good thing).

Anyway, the entire point of this entire post – is really nothing more than a chance for me to invite folks with a shared interest in E-Democracy and Twitter, to follow me. In following me, you’ll get updates on the latest developments at E-Democracy.Org as well as the occasional update on the score of my son’s latest soccer game.

Tim’s Twitter Account = EdemTim

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