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Post info – Project Blog Released by Involve (UK)

Written by Steven Clift


E-Democracy is proud to count Edward Andersson among our Board members.

Passing this along …

Participation Compass and its features

Involve is proud to announce the launch of our new practitioner site The site is a revamped and improved version of the site that was launched in 2005 and is still used by thousands of people every month. Participation Compass is a new site for a new decade; its content and appearance has been updated to reflect this. We hope the site will serve as a hub for participation practitioners and enthusiasts where they can share their experiences and insight.

So what is new with Participation Compass? Past users will find the same wealth of information on participation case studies and methods. In addition to the good bits from, Participation Compass also contains a revamped ‘Library’ containing guidelines, studies and useful websites; an ‘Experts’ section that includes a directory of organisations that practice public participation or are knowledgeable on the subject; a ‘News’ section that contains commentary on the latest developments within the field; and a search tool that will tailor the sites content for users depending on their aims and resources.

The site is intended to be open and inclusive. We therefore invite users to contribute to the development of the site in the aforementioned sections.  As always your feedback would be greatly appreciated, so please get in touch to share your thoughts about the site. As an added bonus, the Participation Compass will shortly feature a mobile app for iPhones and Android devices allowing you to access participation information when and where you need it. We are all very excited to launch this new resource –we hope you enjoy it.
Best wishes,

Edward Andersson

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