Who is on your ballot? MyBallot.Net 2006 launched by volunteers

What do Minnesota and Florida have in common? Their ballot and polling place data from their Secretary of State’s allow us to offer easy access to who in ony ballot and where do you vote. Thank you Minnesota and Florida.

Launched in 2002 by volunteer David Stein (thank you!), MyBallot.Net 2006 is now open with state races in Minnesota. This season David focused on extending MyBallot to use data from other states. Next week we are told, data for local races in Minnesota will be available and then Florida in the coming weeks. Peraps your state has data we can use. Volunteer to help us add your state.

While other sites now also provide ballot look-ups using the same state data, MyBallot remains the leader in simplicity and usability. We uniquely leverage the “live” Internet with links off the ballot to Google searches about candidates.

See who is on your ballot today with MyBallot.Net

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