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Who is reading this blog?

The E-Democracy.Org project blog has been fairly active for about 6 weeks now. When Steve Clift set it up, I was a little bit skeptical about how useful it would be and whether or not it would be worth the time. It took me several weeks to post my first entry, but was hooked almost […]

MyBallot Goes National

I just got this message from E-Democracy.Org volunteer, David Stein: MyBallot goes national !!! I’ve wanted to say that for quite some time. As of right now, covers the entire state of Florida for eight state wide offices (over 400 candidates). For four years, MyBallot has been a one state show – and now […]

Who is on your ballot? MyBallot.Net 2006 launched by volunteers

What do Minnesota and Florida have in common? Their ballot and polling place data from their Secretary of State’s allow us to offer easy access to who in ony ballot and where do you vote. Thank you Minnesota and Florida. Launched in 2002 by volunteer David Stein (thank you!), MyBallot.Net 2006 is now open with […]


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