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Around the Forums – September 2009

Several new forums have started or are getting set to and the forums have been busy the past month. Want to join in the fun? If you are interested in starting a forum in your community, contact us at team@e-democracy.org.

Click on the links below to read more conversations from the E-Democracy.Org forums.

Hot Topic: Ecan leadership change (multiple topics)

Hot Topic: Overpackaging

Hot Topic: Broomhill Road Post Office Closure – Impact

Hot Topic: 20 mph proposals

Hot Topic: Muslim community and Newham politicians

Hot Topic: Tram tunnel under high street

Hot Topic: Redevelopment proposal (Carryover from April)

Hot Topic: Capitalism/Socialism

Hot Topic: Animal Safety and Care

Hot Topic: TCF Bank Stadium
Hot Topic: Gov. Pawlenty and health care (multiple topics)

Hot Topic: Social media policies/uses (multiple topics)

Hot Topic: Chickens in the city (various topics)

Hot Topic: Pipe ceremony (several topics)

Hot Topic: Broadband questions

Hot Topic: Itasca County transportation system

Hot Topic: Rezoning in south Minneapolis (several topics)

Hot Topic: Pub crawl

Hot Topic: Trash/Area cleanup (several topics)

Hot Topic: Development along river road

Hot Topic: Break-ins and recommended service professionals (several topics)

Hot Topic: Development (several topics)

Hot Topic: Instant Runoff Voting (several topics)

Hot Topic: Introductions

Hot Topic: Affordable housing (several topics)

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