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Monthly Archive October, 2007

Issues Forums in the UK, Meet Tim Erickson in November at London E-Democracy 07 Conference

Tim Erickson will be visiting the UK in early November to check in with our growing network of council-wide and neighbourhood level Issues Forums. This includes a pre-conference event tied to Headstar’s E-Democracy 07 conference on November 8. Details were posted to our Liftoff online group. Liftoff is where you join if you are interested […]

E-Democracy.Org adopts budget, Sets fund raising and expansion goals

Transparency Alert – Read on for the inside scoop on what’s next with E-Democracy.Org. The E-Democracy.Org Board is very very busy. First we adopted our new strategic plan and now we have a new one year budget. Thus begins the exciting transition from an all-volunteer organization to one that is proudly volunteer-based with a small […]

E-Democracy.Org says yes to 10Questions for U.S. Presidential Candidates

E-Democracy.Org is a proud sponsor of 10Questions. We’ve embedded a window into our site where you can vote on which video questions from citizens you want forwarded to the candidates. I’ve also blogged about this in more detail on my DoWire.Org blog as well as on the PBS Media Shift IdeaLab blog where I am […]

Two New Grants – Rural Voices and Online Citizen Engagement and Media, Neighborhood Forums and Immigrants

We are proud, no make that ecstatic, to announce two new grants we’ve received: Rural Voices – Online Citizen Engagement and Media – The Blandin Foundation awarded us $49,000 for an 18 month project to promote rural voices in Minnesota online (full proposal PDF). The first six months will focus on a series of online […]

Strategic Plan – Using Open Source, Sharing Knowledge, Building Partnerships – Goal 3 Best Practices and Tools

This section of our Strategic Plan is straight forward. E-Democracy.Org is now one of the most strongly open source projects in the e-participation and citizen media world. We seek to share what we know and learn from others. We will work to ensure that our investments can be leveraged by the broader community seeking to […]

Knight News Challenge – Help us brainstorm ideas before Oct. 15

Update: We sent in 11 directly and were partners in a couple other proposals. E-Democracy.Org plans to submit a number of audacious million dollar ideas to the next round of the Knight News Challenge. First round submissions are due October 15. We are drafting our ideas publicly via our wiki here: Many of these […]


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