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Monthly Archive June, 2010

UK Week – Bristol, Activate Conference, London Neighbourhoods Event, Pub Gatherings, and More

Thanks to the folks at The Guardian and their Activate 2010 conference I’ll be in the UK next week. The “official” Twitter hashtag I’ll use for updates during the week is #edemuk – I’ll use this for logistics and announce any spontaneous opportunities to connect. My big message all week will be Local Matters, Civility […]

Does Gov 2.0 really mean Sunshine 2.0?

Update: Drafting guide from here. I had the honor of speaking to the national League of Women Voters conference in Atlanta last week. It was a great crowd. In the coming two months we will be developing the first draft of the Sunshine 2.0 guide for local Leagues (and anyone really including governments themselves) to […]

Neighbors Online – What have 27% of Internet Users Discovered? Women Lead the Way. Need More Inclusion.

Special Invite – Note the Pew Internet and American Life report author special Q and A discussion on the Locals Online community of practice. Update: E-Democracy announces the Inclusive Community Engagement Online initiative and their outreach campaign to address help bring ALL neighbors together online. According to the just released Neighbors Online report from […]


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