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Around the Forums: More new forums coming soon

Two new communities in the United States are in the midst of starting up local issues forums. Residents in both Westborough, Massachusetts and Chicago, Illinois both have start-up efforts. In Minneapolis, three new neighborhoods – Longfellow, Nokomis East, and Corcoran – are in start-up mode as is the East Side of St. Paul. While we still require 100 recruited participants to open, we’ve detailed a strategy to encourage a single volunteer to get started without requiring a start-up committee. So if you have the desire and the time to convene your community online, why not give it a try and take advantage of our support network.

Many local residents across the network of forums turned to their neighbors on the forums to deal with crimes and share information about local resources.

Click on the links below to read more conversations from the E-Democracy.Org forums.

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  • United States – Minneapolis-Northeast 
  • Hot Topic: Car repair question

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    Hot Topic: Reaction/events related to triple homicide (multiple topics)

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