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Monthly Archive May, 2011

Neighbors Forums Presentation – Let the Summer of Outreach Begin!

As our summer of Inclusive Social Media outreach gets underway across St. Paul and Minneapolis, we’ve put together a presentation introducing “Neighbors Forums.” Neighbors Forums The slides are detailed so you can skim or go in-depth. Additional download options are at the bottom of this post. Invite us to present in-person in your neighborhood. Our […]

Picture Collage Across Forums

Check out some of the images across our community and neighborhood Issues Forums courtesy of Can you tell that pet adoptions are hot in our Las Vegas, New Mexico forum as well as lost and found pets in our Twin Cities Neighbors Forums? Interesting, lost pets result in a number of new members. People […]

Diverse Community Outreach Leaders – We’re Hiring!

Special Update: We created a new position available for Latino outreach in St. Paul – now through Dec. 15, 2011. Apply as instructed below by September 15. This position will focus primarily on the West Side of St. Paul.   Are you excited? We are. With the support of four foundations, including year two funding […]

Updated Rules Adopted

  After months of extensive participant input including blog comments and an online survey, Forum Manager and volunteer consultation, and Board deliberation, the final version of our updated rules (terms of service) were adopted by the Board on April 26, 2011. The major changes include: Setting Better Expectations – We added text throughout to clarify […]


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